Record everything you eat for 21 days!

Day 1

Breakfast – 1 piece of bread + egg omelet with corn beef + coffee

Lunch – 3 piece of chicken wings, 1 small avocado, some veggie and white rice.

Afternoon – Brew Coffee with cream + sugar, 1/4 chocolate bar

Day 4 – Brunch at Ask for Luigi

Potato with duck fat, port belly…..
Banana bread, chocolate budino


Water intake

Talked to a coworker today about how much water he drinks a day, it actually sounds so crazy, he drinks 4L of water!!!

Wow, that’s way too much for me, I don’t even drink 3 cups of water at work.  Plus my morning coffee and may be a cup at home, not even 1L, no wonder…so fat

“If you’re not drink enough water, you could end up with excess body fat, poor muscle tone, digestive complications, muscle soreness — even water-retention problems.”  aiyaa!!

Okay, this is my new resolution. Drink at least 4 cups a day, I will do it… not I “should” do it.  I learned that “should” is not a good term to use, should be replaced with “will”  🙂

UPDATE: Apparently drinking too much water can cause water intoxication, but only if you drink a lot of water in a short time of period.  My buddy suggested me to put a reference here.